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Tips for selling a chalet in Maspalomas

Posted by Canarinvest Properties on 08/05/2019
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Before you sell your chalet in Maspalomas, please consider these tips

If you are thinking about selling your chalet in Maspalomas, you have found the right item here. Canarinvest Properties is an exclusive real estate agency based in the south of Gran Canaria. We bring professionalism and appreciation to the entire process of selling your property. We always make the best choice for the best clients.

If you are interested in offering your chalet in Maspalomas for sale, we recommend that you contact a specialized real estate agency. In the case of Canarinvest Properties, our professional and multilingual team will accompany you throughout the complete sales process. They will increase the value of your property and find interested buyers by using the latest technologies and digital marketing tools.

Tips for selling a chalet in Maspalomas

Tips for selling a chalet in Maspalomas

We are talking about the south of Gran Canaria, a beautiful and at the same time touristic zone. The prices are elevated, but it´s worth investing in this region because of the high quality of life offered by the island.

That´s why buyers are very demanding. The preparation of your chalet for sale is undoubtedly one of the first actions to be carried out. The reason is obvious. In the case of competition, if other owners are interested in selling their property, you must do everything you can to make others aware of your chalet before they notice your neighbors´ house. To achieve this, Canarinvest Properties develops an individual marketing strategy for each property. If your chalet should require, we also offer a painting service!

But you should also consider 4 basic tips before you sell your chalet in Maspalomas.



  • to know exactly what you are selling: a chalet is not an apartment
  • to know your target group exactly, the ideal buyer
  • quality marketing


  • pay attention to the details


Knowing what you are selling, a chalet is not an apartment

Every branch professional knows exactly that selling an apartment is not the same as selling a chalet. Selling properties in the lower price segment is not the same as selling exclusive properties that are only accessible to persons or families with a large budget. Usually there are less interested buyers who choose this type of property. For this reason real estate agencies must work hard to attract more attention and capture interested buyers.

In addition to techniques such as home staging, it is interesting to create a dossier containing information about the property. This service is used to evaluate or estimate the market price of your chalet. Thanks to this study and the data reflected here, you can see the actual price as well as the possibilities as a seller of your chalet in Maspalomas.

If you need a professional team to accompany you throughout the whole process, working sincerely and proactively on the sale of your chalet, you are undoubtedly looking for us. Request the valuation of your property by clicking here.

Tips for selling a chalet in Maspalomas

Knowing your target group, the ideal buyer

As you can imagine, not everyone is interested in buying your chalet. Therefore, another reason, it is worth to contact a specialized real estate agency to sell your chalet in Maspalomas, because they know the profile of the ideal buyer.

As a result, you can fully concentrate on all advertising and real estate marketing activities aimed at this buyer. Canarinvest Properties studies your property to determine the target group. Then we elaborate a complete marketing plan with just one single objective: to sell your chalet in Maspalomas at the best price and that you don´t have to wait years and years to reach this.

Quality marketing

Normally a chalet signifies a more exclusive property. Large, with several rooms, bedrooms, several floors, garage, terrace … and especially if the property is located in Maspalomas. Canarinvest Properties is very familiar with the real estate market concerning chalets in Maspalomas. Therefore, if you want to sell, demand nothing less than quality marketing.

The buyer of the chalet expects a high-quality photo- and or video report. Specific promotion pages are required (a landing page containing concrete information about the chalet). And advertising must be done via the appropriate media – and not somewhere!

Contact Canarinvest Properties here if you would like to start selling your chalet in Maspalomas.

Tips for selling a chalet in Maspalomas

Pay attention to the details

Little things make the difference. The “copys” of the promotions, the decoration of your home, the attention to visitors … everything is thought out and calculated. Canarinvest Properties leaves nothing to chance, we are meticulous and invest all our affection and determination in the sale of every chalet in Maspalomas.


We are specialized in the sale of chalets in Maspalomas. If you are thinking about selling your chalet, request a valuation of your chalet right now by using this form! We are at your disposal to arrange a meeting.

We await you in paradise!

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