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Selling a duplex in Gran Canaria: Home Staging ideas

Posted by Canarinvest Properties on 22/05/2019
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Would you like to sell your duplex in Gran Canaria? Canarinvest Properties carries out many actions to sell your duplex, house, apartment, chalet, villa or flat in Gran Canaria. Our working method is based on the study of the needs of your property and customization, because each property is unique.

For this reason, we often include Home Staging in the individual real estate marketing plan that we hand over to our clients prior to the property sale.

What is Home Staging? (in case you don´t know yet)

You may have heard of Home Staging, the technique used by many real estate agencies before putting a property on the market for sale. But do you know exactly what it is? Have you ever seen an apartment with Home Staging? Please read on for more information.

Home Staging is a technique that we integrate into our working methodology, thanks to the good results obtained. It is essential that potential buyers who visit your property “fall in love” with it. Therefore, when selling your duplex in Gran Canaria, you should not decline the use of the Home Staging technique to prepare your house for sale.

Do you know that a buyer already decides during the first 90 seconds, viewing your house, whether he buys or not? In this case, the first impression is fundamental. And Canarinvest Properties leaves nothing to chance. We work to make your property shine. 

In addition, another reason to apply Home Staging, for example before selling a duplex in Gran Canaria, is that you manage to increase the price of your property. Easily, by using Home Staging, you can  increase the price of your house by 15%. It adds value. Canarinvest Properties places great emphasis on ensuring that the entire sales process is enhanced in value through a variety of measures. The preparation of your house for sale is indispensable. 

What does Home Staging consist of when selling a duplex in Gran Canaria?


Home Staging isvery useful, whether you want to sell your duplex in Gran Canaria or any other type of real estate. But do you know exactly what Home Staging is? We´ll explain it to you!

It´s a technique that was developed in the USA. It arrived in our country at the beginning of the crisis. The reason is simple. When there is a wide range of properties (duplex, houses, flats, chalets, villas, apartments etc.), it is essential to find a way to make one property stand out among the others. Thanks to Home Staging, these houses stand out from the crowd. 

Now that the market has improved, Home Staging has established itself as a value enhancement method, which manages to increase the selling price. In addition, Home Staging achieves excellent results in terms of selling time.

Finally, Home Staging is a kind of “set up”, indispensable for any property you want to sell.

Steps to follow for Home Staging and duplex sales in Gran Canaria


  • We clean and reorganize the rooms


The first step in Home Staging is cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. In addition, old and worn furniture is removed. Sometimes everything has to be removed from the house to start at zero. 

It is important to rearrange and reorganize the different rooms of the house in order to create a sense of spaciousness. For this, the strong points of the house are taken into account, such as the rooms with a lot of daylight and the shape of the walls.


  • Fine-tuning, depersonalization


It is very important to remove all photos, paintings and other personal items from the house. When we put Home Staging technique into practice, we want to ensure that potential buyers who enter your house can imagine living there themselves.

When it comes to fine-tuning, we analyze the needs of your house. The rooms in which buyers are more interested are bathrooms and the kitchen.

Therefore, if you have not recently renovated your house, we´ll try to make it look like new by painting works, arranging and decorating, according to the necessities of the property.


Home Staging has found many followers over the years, whether you want to sell a duplex in Gran Canaria or any other type of real estate. Thanks to this technique, we can help you sell faster and at the best market price.

You need a professional team by your side. Contact Canarinvest Properties and we´ll start fine-tuning your property.

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