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Real Estate Agency in Gran Canaria: Why you should contact us if your property is not selling

Posted by Canarinvest Properties on 29/05/2019
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Maspalomas is one of the areas of Gran Canaria with strong competition in the real estate market. Gran Canaria is Spains´ third most popular tourist destination for foreigners, with almost 15 million visitors in the last year. Many of them are interested in the real estate market in order to establish their second home here. Therefore, it´s a good idea to involve a real estate company in Gran Canaria that will help us with the house sale in a professional way. 

When it comes to selling a house, there are many factors that determine the success of a property sale, such as the price we apply to the house or the location of the property. Besides, it´s important to know that not all clients are looking for a property in the same place. Depending on the type of client, it´s important that we highlight some or other services that are offered in the vicinity of the property.

Considering such a volatile market, it is normal that certain properties are not sold as easy. However, when that happens, it is usually a problem of the real estate itself or how it´s published. Canarinvest Properties, real estate agency in Gran Canaria, has selected some main mistakes. These we´ll show you below.

Real Estate Agency in Gran Canaria and how they can help you

They know the area of your property very well. 

Gran Canaria has characteristics that are hard to find in any other city in Spain. And this has to do with the importance of the special location of your property.

For this reason, it´s important to know the area where your property is located, as well as the features that complete the offer of the region. This is the only way to determine an appropriate price for our real estate.

However, the support of a real estate company in Gran Canaria will help us to fix exactly this price. Multiple variables are included in the valuation, such as the current state of the house or its orientation. In the price we usually find the main variable that determines why a property is not selling as fast as it should.

 Where is your real estate ad published?

It is very important to choose the channels in which your ad will be published. Depending on the property, its characteristics and the clients you wish to address, one or the other chanell may be more recommended.

Therefore, a real estate agency in Gran Canaria will allow you to select only those channels that are going to have a secure return. One of the most common errors is relying solely on the physical medium; or, on the contrary, to rely only on digital channels. The more levels we are present, the bigger are our chances of success. 

Is your ad realistic?

If your house counts a lot of viewings, but you can´t get anyone really interested in the property, the problem is in the ad. Many times, by editing the ad, we tend to describe the property exaggerated. When that happens, a lot of people get interested and show up. But no one decides to buy.

Therefore, it´s very important that the real condition of the house is taken into account when the ad is written. In this sense, a real estate agency will help you to find the strengths of your house and reflect them in the advertisement.

In the same way, photos play a key role. It is very important that they transmit the real state of the property. A lot of information can be extracted from the pictures; not just referring to the presentation of the house itself, but also derived from the professionalism of the owners. For this reason, it is very important that you pay the greatest attention to the photos.

Gran Canaria is one of the best places in Spain to live. Selling a house should not be complicated. The best explanation for this is the large number of people interested in living on the island. If your house isn´t selling as fast as it should, don´t worry. Canarinvest Properties will surely find the perfect solution. Trust our advisors. We are waiting for you!

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