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Would you like to sell your house in Gran Canaria? We´ll tell you how

Posted by Canarinvest Properties on 12/06/2019
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Buying a house is always a process that involves a lot of questions, from the price to the location and administrative procedures. Properties in Gran Canaria even raise more doubts.

One of the advantages of living on the island of Gran Canaria is the dynamism of its real estate market. Thanks to the number of people who move to the island, year after year, to establish their residence, Gran Canaria is one of the places where the real estate market is more volatile.

The reasons for the move are many: the main motives are the climate, the environment and the quality of life. However, these are not the only reasons. Therefore, if you know how to manage, selling a house in Gran Canaria can be a very simple transaction.

We understand exactly the situation of facing this process. Below we´ve selected a series of recommendations to make your house sale a complete success. Would you like to know more? Here are the most important tips!

Selling a house in Gran Canaria: everything you need to know

What price?

In order to determine the price for the house sale in Gran Canaria, you must be well versed in the area. It is important that we observe the prices and characteristics of comparable properties in the same area when selling real estate.

Depending on the location of the property in Gran Canaria, the prices can be very different. Therefore, it´s important that we recognize that the price of the house is not fixed by us, but by the market.

If you want to sell your property in Gran Canaria quickly, it may be an option to offer your house below the market value. However, this won´t be a good deal for your real estate transaction. You have to find the right balance between too expensive and not too cheap. This transaction would be more effective and covers your economic interests.

In particular, this avoids initially setting an excessive price at the outset and thus scare off clients.

Edit a comprehensive advertisement

The more complete the ad of the house sale, the better. In the case of Gran Canaria, counting a large number of foreign tourists, it would be perfect to edit the advertisements in several languages. The ad must highlight the strengths of your property. However, this doesn´t mean that you have to lie. In order to sell a house in Gran Canaria, you must describe as honestly as possible the real condition of the property.

Decisive aspects such as brightness due to daylight flooding the rooms or the spaciousness of the house are the key to success. These are two factors that particularly attract a lot of people. The photos of the advertisements are also very important. The more work and diligence you put into the photos, the easier it is to sell your house in Gran Canaria.

Renovation before selling

A small renovation does not necessarily mean a big investment. However, surely it´s the necessary push your property needs to attract customers. It will be very helpful for a quicker house sale to repair damages and imperfections before, to mend doors, to paint the walls or to solve any kind of problem of the property.

Considering the high real estate competition in Gran Canaria, the first impression is the one that counts. It is important to stand out from the competition. When selling a house in Gran Canaria, the maximum attention must be paid to the first impression of the property.

Although, at the first moment, it is normal to be reluctant to invest money in a property that you want to get rid of. However, this money will be worthwhile and brings an important return.


As you can see, the house sale in Gran Canaria is not that difficult, if you know how. That´s why it is important that you entrust your property to competent and expert hands. The team of Canarinvest Properties, due to their trajectory, knows the real estate market in Gran Canaria perfectly. With our help you can be sure that we´ll manage to sell your house as quick as possible. You´re still thinking about it? Trust our team! We know how to meet all your needs.

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