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7 benefits for a life in Gran Canaria

Posted by Canarinvest Properties on 24/07/2019
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There are a lot of advantages to living in Gran Canaria. Many people are looking for a place to live that is beneficial to their health. Well, Gran Canaria is one of those places that increases your quality of life, improves your health and influences your mood in a positive way. But these are not the only benefits … We´ll show you 7 advantages of living in Gran Canaria. Find out why you want to purchase a house and stay forever.

7 benefits for a life in Gran Canaria

      The climate

In Gran Canaria the summers are pleasant and the winters are mild. According to a study by the University of Syracuse, the Canary Islands enjoy the status of having the best climate in the world. The study is based on meteorological comparisons from more than 600 places in the world, taking into account the rainy days per year, as well as the air and water temperatures. The study confirms: a life in Gran Canaria is a great option.

      The air

The WHO (World Health Organization) published a ranking of air quality in 46 Spanish cities. The result: Gran Canaria is at the top of the ranking, ahead of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This means that in Gran Canaria you inhale the least polluted air in all of Spain. This is a great benefit when it comes to the prevention of possible diseases, especially respiratory diseases

      Benefits for the self-employed

The Canary Islands continue to lead the list of communities in Spain where the number of self-employment is constantly growing, the percentage of immigrants registered as self-employed rise to 29%. Morocco and Italy are providing the largest number. One of the main reasons why the Canary Islands are at the top of the list is the success of the support programs for entrepreneurs and the self-employed, which are offered on the islands.

      Tax benefits

The RIC (Reserva para Inversiones de Canarias = Canary Islands Investment Reserve) or the ZEC (Zona Especial Canaria = Canary Islands Special Zone) offer great benefits to residents. The idea that this region is a tax heaven has now disappeared, but it is certain, however, that there is a much lower taxation than in the rest of the EU. For this reason the Canary Islands are an ideal investment area.

        The culture

The Canary Islands preserve many cultural peculiarities that originate from the roots of the Guanches (aborigines) and their subsequent mixing with the Castilian. Even today, we can still admire archaeological treasures such as the Guanche mummies on Tenerife or the painted caves of Gáldar (“Cueva Pintada”) and the “Cenobio de Valerón” (Santa María de Guía) on Gran Canaria.

        The food

Gran Canaria has been cultivating thousands of recipes from hundreds of cultures since its origins. Therefore, its gastronomic offer includes dishes from all possible countries, which have varied and improved over the years. But, when speaking of Canary cuisine, without any doubt, the most famous dishes come to the fore, such as “Potaje de Berros” (watercress stew), “Carne Fiesta” or “Cochino de Adobo” (festive meat / marinated pork), “Puchero Canario” (Canarian vegetable stew), “Vieja con papas arrugadas” (parrot fish with wrinkled potatoes) and “Sancocho Canario” (stew with salted fish). 

– The rent

En las Islas Canarias los alquileres son mucho más baratos si los comparamos con el resto de Europa, y teniendo en cuenta la alta calidad de vida. Por eso, también es un lugar muy turístico y la primera opción de muchos extranjeros. In addition, with the help of the experts of a real estate agency on the islands, finding a good rental is much easier.


You know some reasons why you should take your chance right right now. There are countless benefits to living in Gran Canaria, and at Canarinvest Properties we would like to prove this to you. If you are thinking of buying or renting on the island, we would like to help you achieve your goal successfully. We are at your disposal.

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